Make running a business extremely easy and accessible  

How would it be to manage a company from A to Z in one unifying interface from anywhere in the world?

Hello freedom...
The current business environment is getting more challenging by the day for small and medium entrepreneurs. Caught in a myriad of digital tools and the predatory behaviour of the big marketplaces and software providers, we saw the need to even the playing field and give anyone from small to big a fair shot at running their business, and more than that to make them flourish.

For that we had to rethink the way trade is made with products and services within the digital environment and make it orders of magnitude more efficient, easy to use and more accessible than anything before.

Ideomaker deconstructs what trade means and gets to few basic elements: the item to be traded, the quantity, the time and location, and of-course the price. Starting from these basic elements it is building complexity, more like building a house from bricks. Due to this simple approach Ideomaker is extremely flexible and easy to use.

Since these can't live by themselves without a process of negotiation, ideomaker implements also an intuitive and efficient system of automating decision making and interaction among businesses.

More details on how the application is built and works to be announced together with the early Alpha launch.