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Ideomaker Node on Radix

Starting July 28th, 2021 we are one of the teams running a node on the Radix public mainnet.

Being selected among the 100 betanet validator nodes during the testing period has given us a vote of confidence and we aim to follow through on this vote and deliver further the best security there is to keep the network safe and running smooth.

If we are to be selected by the community among the 100 validator nodes on mainnet, we are commited to keep our stake delegators informed and making sure our node has the best uptime and maximizes the rewards for their staked Radix tokens.

At the top of this page you can see a straight forward summary of the status of the node, with the amount of XRD tokens staked by the Radix holders and the amount of rewards redistributed.

By staking your XRD tokens on the IDEOMAKER node once the mainnet is live, you secure the Radix network and directly support the development of our project. On top of that we are also preparing exclusive content just for our stakers. (follow us to find out first)

Let's deliver No-Code Decentralised Applications to the masses!

1. What is Radix staking?

First of all for the un-initiated, what is Radix and why is it different?

Radix is a decentralized network of computers. In computing terms, a decentralized network distributes workloads among several machines, instead of relying on a single central server. A decentralized network offers a wide range of benefits over the more conventional centralized network, including increased system reliability, scale, and privacy.

Compared with other networks of such kind, Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

XRD is the native token of the Radix Mainnet and may be used for securing the network, accessing DeFi, deploying smart contracts and paying for transactions. Staking is the process of voting with your tokens a chosen validator node to secure the network. In exchange for this vote you get rewarded by the network with new tokens from a total annual emission of 300 million XRD. This amount will be split proportionally among all network stakers, based on the amount each stakes and the time they stake.
What is Radix and Radix Staking

2. How to stake on the Ideomaker node?

Before staking you have to make sure you have some XRD tokens in your Radix wallet. For that you can either buy them on one of the centralized exchanges like Bitfinex, which has the biggest volume so far, or on the decentralised exchanges like Uniswap (Version 2 ideally for better price). Be aware that before mainnet launch and even after there will be an eXRD token on the Etehreum network, that can be swapped for XRD. Do not confuse one with the other, although both are from the same Radix project. The XRD token is the only native one that will work on Radix mainnet, and that you can stake.

Once you have some XRD tokens in the Radix wallet, which you can download on the official website, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have minimum 91 XRD in your wallet.
2. Go to the Stake & Unstake tab in the left menu.
3. Copy this address of the Ideomaker Europe node:
Copy address
and paste it in the wallet at the Validator field. You can also find our node by looking through the Validators list.
4. Put the amount of XRD you want to stake.
5. Click stake and on the pop-up window confirm by entering your 4 pin code of the wallet.

That's it, now let it there for us long as you want. The more it stays the more it cumulates rewards. For more detailed information please read the official blog post about Staking from the Radix Team. If you want to see a video of how this is done step by step have a look here.

Note! Do not transfer eXRD tokens to the Radix betanet wallet or the mainnet wallet! When the mainnet is live you will be able to convert your eXRD tokens via Instabridge+Instapass or Bitfinex to XRD native tokens, and after stake them.
How to stake XRD tokens on Ideomaker Radix node

3. Why stake on our node?

The experience we've gathered in the past 15 years as developers and designers gives us the unique flexibility to adapt fast and with appealing results. In the spirit of decentralization we are working remotely from Netherlands and Romania opening our opportunities for different markets in both Eastern and Western Europe.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider our node:

1. Top Security and node Hardware in a reliable datacenter. Already tested node as betanet validator.
2. Full transparency and Keeping you updated 24/7 via this page and our social media channels.
3. You support the development of our project and therefore bring Radix closer towards mainstream adoption. Having ambitious goals is good but it means nothing if the project is not brought to its complete envisioned form. All the funds we get from the validator node would go to the development of the Ideomaker platform.
4. Speed-up the creation of applications using Radix via no-code tools.
5. Get bonus items or access to experimental projects. (TBA)
6. Get network rewards as XRD tokens.
Team members are since 2017 in the Radix community, have public profiles and are committed for the long term development and success of the Radix network.
Why stake on the Ideomaker Radix node

4. Why do we have a 2% fee?

We have a 2% fee because we believe that in order to run a reliable node we need to have proper hardware for the server but more importantly we have to cover also our working hours if we are to offer proper support to our stakers.

More than that as mentioned earlier running this node is just one of the steps we do in order to build the Ideomaker platform. The remaining funds after covering the costs of the node are going to the development of the project.

On long term we believe having a fee is the only healthy way to secure the network and incentivize properly the node runners for their efforts. It's time consuming and requires skill and committment.
Ideomaker node fee usage

5. Stay updated and follow us!

We are doing everything we can to keep you up to date with the status of our node. Considering this we also have to sleep now and then :) Therefore keep an eye on this page from now on to see what our node is doing and if all runs fine.
If you want to communicate with us or shoot us an urgent message, reach us on Telegram or Discord channels.

As we advance with the Radix mainnet launch we will try to implement new ways to keep you updated. The security and reliability of the node is one of our most important objectives.